Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Braden took me on a cruise for our anniversary and mothers day. we left the kids at home with a nanny, it was amazing this was formal night.

This is me, hanging upside down after bungee jumping !!! hhhhaaa so much fun!!
follow the cord that's hanging from the white box to see me, i'm at the bottom of it.

This is braden and I just before we went Zip Lining!! so fun too!!

beautiful mexican waterfall!!

Day at the beach boogie boarding! Yes i came back with a nice tan!!

This is SENOR FROG a very well known thing in mexico!

Open air mexican taxi !! our cabby should have been on the amazing race he just motered right along !! fewww!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

six flags& easter

Bateman!! yay that is what they have on their shirts they were excited!!

Zander rides on this for hours at a time !! He loves percy the train rollercoaster

Breniks 2nd birthday we celebrated at the beach, with friends and family!

We colored 6 dozen easter eggs! they were having such a good time, i couldn't make them stop!

Easter morning we give the kids their baskets then take them away so they don't eat all the candy at once!! ha it's a mean trick i know!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is how Zander cheers jaeger on at his games

Jaeger Played Flag Football for the first time this fall and loved it! (except he would rather play tackle)

The boys got a new 4 wheeler and have lot's of fun with it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Zander's birthday

Brenik loved the splash park!
The city park for Zanders birthday! with the cousins

Happy Birthday zander!

Breniks new look!

Jaeger wants to go into the auto industry he made these cars all himself

so cute

burried himself!

Zander had his pet sea weed that he played with and wouldn't let go the whole day!

brenik ate sand!

zander cut his own hair again!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

can't resist the tub photo's

Jaeger had 2 cavities !! and zade had 4!! kill me now!! they have bad teeth and we have terrible dental insurance

the boys and M&M world las vegas

We went to las vegas the week before thanksgiving had a great

time these are just some cute pics of the boys on the rides

at circus circus.


this is on the polar express we got hot chocolate and cookies sang

carols and got to see santa. i was trying to hold zade so the pic didn't

turn out so clear.

the conductor ( looks like tom hanks from the movie huh)

they rode these atleast 20+ times

zander at his best!! all potty trained now !! yay!

this is on a weekend when rancho(where we live)

does there community events which is once a month or more!

this is halloween this year!! yes of course we won best themed costume again!!

the boys are too cute!!

the zoo here!! we have a pass so go alot!!

they let you feed the giraffes and the boys love doing that!

this is my exciting bunco girls! we get together every month

to play ! it is a blast!!